Ron Andrews

Group Leader

Dawn Scoltock

Group Chairman

Lisa Dyson

Assistant Cub Scout Leader

Allison Walker

Quartermaster, Committee Member

Ken Harper

Technology Adviser, Committee Member

Gabrielle Peters

Fundraising Coordinator, Committee Member

Marija Venables

Treasurer, Committee Member

Fiona Boreham – Bundabun

Joey Scout Leader

Darren Venables – Happy

Scouts Leader

Phil Carroll

Cubs Leader

Our Leaders

Ron Andrews

Current Role: Group Leader

  • Started scouting in: In around 1972, I went along to a Cub meeting, but was told I was too old. Soon after, the Group started an Air Scout Troop which I was able to join.

    Time in Scouting: I was in uniform then up till around 1989, rejoining as a Committee member when Jess and Greg joined the local Group. When we moved to Ocean Grove, Greg asked me to stick my head around the door to see if I could help out a bit.

    Past Scouting experiences:
    • 4th Prittlewell Air Scout/Scout (age 10-16)
    • Druid Venture Scout Unit (16-21)
    • Var Redo Scout Fellowship Member (21-27)
    • 1st Hadleigh Scouts Committee member (35-38ish)
    • Occasional helper with Greg’s Venture Unit

    Reason for joining Scouting: Initially, I guess it was for my parents to stop me ‘street raking’ and to keep me out of trouble. Now it’s to stop me street raking and to keep me out of trouble.

    External qualifications relevant to Scouting: When I’m not spending my 2 hours a week Scouting, I work for nbn ‘nation building’. I also recently became a Board Member of Volunteering Geelong. Apart from that, I sleep.

    Your 3 words to describe Scouting: “Exceed your potential”

    Most likely to be heard saying: “uh nu nuh!” (Translation: “I dunno!”)

    Doesn’t like: Detail, closed minds, the serrated edges of stamps.

    3 things you would take with you to a deserted island: A guitar (about time I learned to play), home brew kit and a really loud (solar) MP3 player filled with driving rock.

  • Best memory in Scouting:
    • My first memory was of a weekend camp where I lost my £2 weekend spending money. I then swang into a tree trunk on a rope swing. The Akela who was helping out saw me crying and helped me find my money.
    • As a Venture Scout, in perhaps not the best Venture Unit in Britain, but certainly in the top one*, my first activity was on the main gate of the Hyde Park Children’s Party: attended by 80,000 kids. We had to control the crowd as the Queen rode past on her horse *all credit to Brian Clough who said it first about his Soccer Team.
    • Accidentally breaking the corner off of the brass fleur-de-lys at the top of the Troop flag during a boring church parade
    • Collecting cow pats and cooking them in the Unit hall kitchen for the ‘Crazy Olympics’ cow pat throwing event
    • Scree running in the Lake District – Can’t do that now: environmentally suspect
    • As a member of the local Scout Fellowship (about Rover age), organising an ‘Escape from Colditz’ weekend for 120 older Scouts in the Region – my job was Head of the French Resistance! Over the Friday and Saturday, they had to escape from a POW compound that we built and make their way to ‘Allied Territory’ (our Venture Unit HQ about 20 miles away). They then had to come back and help ‘liberate’ the POW camp. Basically, we had 80-odd unsupervised Scouts roaming the countryside for the weekend – can’t do that now!
    • Proudest moments since being the Ocean Grove Group Leader:
    o Taking part in the trip to Canberra after all of Naomi’s hard work
    o Opening night of the Joey Mob
    o This year’s Anzac Day, with the majority of our 60 youth members parading

    Most looking forward to: Seeing the Troop board the plane to WJ2019 in Colorado.

Dawn Scoltock

Current Role: Group Chairman

  • Time in Scouting: 3 years.

    Past Scouting experiences: This is it! I became an Adult Helper in 2013, then moved onto the Group Committee. In April 2015 I became the Group Treasurer and in 2016 became Group Chairman.

    Reason for joining Scouting: My daughter Holly joined as a Cub Scout in the second half of 2013, so I became involved first as an Adult Helper.

    External qualifications relevant to Scouting: Many years camping and hiking, and I love an adventure (a must in Scouting!). Two most notable adventures are summiting Kala Pattar in Nepal (5,643m) and getting lost hiking the volcanoes of Southern Kamchatka – our guide obviously wasn’t a Scout!

  • Best memory in Scouting: My daughter Holly achieving her Grey Wolf Award, and accompanying 16 Cubs and Scouts to Canberra in 2015 as an Adult Helper.

    Your 3 words to describe Scouting: Fun, Adventure, Community

    Most likely to be heard saying: Come on, let’s get a wriggle on!

    Doesn’t like: Mushrooms (which is a problem when you’re lost in Southern Kamchatka, can’t find your food drop, and the only food you can find foraging in the forest is mushrooms!)

    3 things you would take with you to a deserted island: Sunscreen (I’m assuming it’s a nice, hot tropical island), music and a good book!

    Most looking forward to: Being 5 years cancer free in August 2016

Lisa Dyson

Current Role: Assistant Cub Scout Leader

  • Lisa Dyson – Assistant Cub Scout Leader

    Day time job – Draftsperson

    Started in scouting – 2011 as a parent helper then also as a committee member then onto a leader in 2014.

    Previous Scouting experience – None, zip, zilch

    Why I became a leader – The time was right as my youngest was a bit older, and I wanted to give back to the community by giving other children the opportunities scouting brings just as the previous leaders had for my son, even though he had moved up to scouts by then. Pay it forward I say.

    Scouting highlight – 2 cuborees (5 day camps), one as a parent helper in the kitchen, one as a leader. Bayjam (7 day camp) with the scouts. A group Canberra trip for 100 years of Anzac. But most of all, watching the kids grow as individuals and achieving things that most other group activities don’t offer.

  • If I wasn’t doing scouty stuff I would……… be much lazier watching marathons of TV shows I have missed in the last few years.

    3 words to describe scouting – Awesome, rewarding, FUN

    Beside the kids, what do you like about scouting – You meet some great people within your group, district and region. At Ocean Grove we are fortunate enough to have a fantastic bunch of leaders, parent helpers, committee members and not to forget the parents. Everyone puts in where they can which makes it an awesome group to be in. Without a great support network it can make it challenging in many ways.

    Most looking forward to – Cuboree 2017, yay more dress ups to embarrass the kids!!!

    Words of Wisdom – Remember to laugh, especially at yourself. Be kind to one another.


Marija Venables

Current Role: Treasurer, Committee Member

  • Current role(s) in Scouting: Treasurer, Committee Member

    Started scouting in: 2015 as a parent helper

    Time in Scouting: It’s all new to me!

    Reason for joining Scouting: I have one child who is currently a Cub Scout and a larger child who is the current Scout Leader

    External qualifications relevant to Scouting: Nil!!Only enthusiasm! After years of running bars and restaurants I am currently making a career change to become an Accountant , so being the Treasurer is great work experience!. Oh – I do have a first aid certificate – does that count!

  • Best memory in Scouting: Just being the parent helper during the term! The kids are hilarious – and I learned to tie knots!!!

    Your 3 words to describe Scouting: Fun, Rewarding, Friendship. (I happen to agree with Ken – it’s lots of fun!)

    Most likely to be heard saying: “where are your receipts????’’

    Doesn’t like: olives ( as a person of Macedonian descent, trust me I have tried and tried to like them – it just won’t take)

    3 things you would take with you to a deserted island: I’d take my husband (Scout Leader) – he’d be prepared and know what to take! A couple of good books and a chest full of cold beers to drink while he’s sorting everything outJ

    Most looking forward to: Jamboree to USA in 2019

Ken Harper

Current Role: Technology Adviser, Committee Member

  • Started scouting in: In NSW as a cub many many years ago.

    Time in Scouting: My time back then was brief, only an active participant for a couple of years.

    Past Scouting experiences: I have very fond memories from my time in Scouts, from the many camps, team activities and learning bush crafts.

    Reason for joining Scouting: I currently have two children who are involved with a third now showing interest. A Scout, a Joey and potentially another Scout.

    External qualifications relevant to Scouting: I have 4 children ranging from 17 to 6 and have been involved in a number of community groups such as rugby clubs and surf life saving Victoria.

  • Best memory in Scouting: Awarded the second highest money earner during bob-a-job week two years running, which of course there was a badge for that.

    Your 3 words to describe Scouting: Fun, Rewarding, Friendship.

    Most likely to be heard saying: “There’s an app for that”

    Doesn’t like: Ridiculous Business Jargon i.e. “we need an actionable plan for this data warehouse proposal. No need to deep dive, we’re not going granular”

    3 things you would take with you to a deserted island: Magnesium Fire starter, because really who wants to start a fire rubbing two sticks together, a knife and a boat to get off the island if I wasn’t enjoying the experience.

    Most looking forward to: Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan

Allison Walker

Current Role: Quartermaster, Committee Member

  • Started scouting in: 2014 when my eldest son joined Cubs.

    Time in Scouting: During my time in Scouting I have been an active Committee member, parent helper and was training to be an Assistant Joey Scout Leader.

    Reason for joining Scouting: I currently have two children who are involved, one in Cubs and the other in Joeys.

    Best memory in Scouting: When my boys told my dad they were in Scouts, as he was a leader when he was younger, and more recently when eldest son was presented with Cub of the Year in 2016.

  • Past Scouting experiences: I was in Brownies as a young girl but didn’t stay very long.

    External qualifications relevant to Scouting: I love to go camping and fishing.

    Your 3 words to describe Scouting: Challenging, friendly, unique.

    3 things you would take with you to a deserted island: Sunscreen, beer and a never ending supply of books

    Most looking forward to: Hopefully taking my boys to Finland in 2020 for a holiday to see their cousins.

Fiona Boreham – Bundabun

Joey Scout Leader

  • Time in Scouting 2 Years

    Past Scouting experiences: I have 2 children who were Cubs / Scouts at Torquay  and I joined them on hikes and camps as a parent helper / first aid during there time with the group,enjoying every minute of it.

    Reason for joining Scouting: I could see the need for the younger less sporty kids in our area to be active and involved in a community group and to have the opportunity to have fun with their peers in a supported environment that can help them grow.

    Best memory in Scouting: Seeing the Joeys achieve the small things like blowing up a balloon or getting their hands dirty when their not sure about textures it’s the small achievements and happy little faces  that keep me coming back for more.

    Your 3 words to describe Scouting: Growth , challenging and rewarding.

  • External qualifications relevant to Scouting:  I have been working with children for the past 16 years as a swimming instructor, private nanny, and as a volunteer for surf lifesaving in the nipper program as 2IC, water safety coordinator and youth representative on the committee.  I currently work casually as an integration aid in primary schools and hold a current Cert III in Education Support. During these roles I have attended a camp or two and also enjoy camping, bushwalking canoeing, etc with my family.

    Doesn’t like: hearing “I can’t do it !”…It is “I can’t do it yet”

    Most likely to be heard saying: “KOOOOWEEE”

    3 things you would take with you to a deserted island: My husband,a knife and some really cool sunglasses

    Most looking forward to: Traveling with my family and continuing my journey in Scouts.



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