Ocean Grove Scout Group

Joey Scouts

Boys & Girls 5-7 Years

Meeting Times: Monday 5:00pm – 6:00pm


Joey Scouts is the youngest section of the Scouting movement. For Joey Scouts, life is an exciting adventure. They explore the wider world, stimulate their imagination and develop skills in team work.

The Joey Scout Mob meets once a week for approximately 1 to 1.5 hours under the care and supervision of professionally trained Joey Scout Leaders. Parents and Guardians are welcome to join in the road to adventure with their Joey Scouts and share many new discoveries. Joey Scout activities include:

★ Playing new games
★ Learning how to make craft projects
★ Going on exciting outings
★ Learning new songs
★ Dressing up

★ Storytelling, miming, and acting
★ Learning about Scouting
★ Sleep overs and Mob Holidays
★ Going on outdoor activities
★ Making new friends

Joey Scout Motto

Joey Scout Promise

Joey Scout Law

*The commencement for advancement in Sections may vary up to 6 months.*

Joey Scouts may commence transition (Link Badge) any time after their 7th birthday and have progressed to Cub Scouts by their 8th birthday. Extensions beyond age range may be granted in accordance with the Victorian Branch Scouting Instructions (VBSI) Section 2.1.12. Further information is available from our Group Leader.

Award Scheme

There is no award scheme for Joey Scouts however there are several participation challenge badges available that Joeys can earn as a Mob. These badges are built into the weekly programs, and cover special activities including:

★ A Buddy Scheme with another Mob
★ Care and Share activities

★ Environmental activities
★ Adventure Challenge

Promise Challenge Badge: This is available to older Joey Scouts (must be at least 7 years old to undertake the challenge), is earned on an individual basis, and can be worn on the Cub Scout Uniform until the Grey Wolf Award (the highest Cub Scout award) is achieved.

The aim of this challenge is to allow older Joey Scouts to gain a greater understanding of the Scout Promise and Law, to learn about Scouting’s Founder, Lord Robert Baden-Powell, and to discover the history of Scouting.

The challenge requires the Joey Scout to complete certain elements, such as research and discussion with their parents and Leaders, away from the Mob meetings. The Joey will also be required to give a presentation to the Mob on completion of the task.


Detailed information regarding fees is provided on the Parent Information Page

Youth members, young adults and Leaders are required to attend in full uniform, which includes section specific shirt, scarf, woggle and enclosed shoes (unless otherwise advised for individual meetings). Uniform requirements are available from on the Youth Badge Placement link below.

Parents and/or guardians are required to purchase a uniform shirt prior to their youth member being invested.

The current price for a Joey Scout polo shirt is $36.95. These shirts are available from size 6 to 16. Size Charts are available from The Scout Shop website (see button below).

Prices are current as at 28 August 2017. These prices are subject to change; please confirm current pricing prior to ordering.

Scarves, woggles, shirt badges and Record Books are provided from Section funds upon investiture.

Parents and/or guardians will be required to replace any of these items at their own expense if lost or damaged.

From Scouts Victoria: The style of clothing to be worn below the waist should be tailored slacks or skirt; however, the colour requirement is that these garments for all official occasions and functions should be black or Navy blue.

These occasions are defined as: Awards Ceremonies e.g. Queen Scout’s, BP Awards, Leader Awards etc.; Government House; ANZAC Day; Any public event; Jamborees, Moots, Ventures etc.; Interstate and overseas travel; Youth Forums and National Youth Council.

Navy blue, grey slacks, knee length shorts or skirts may be worn for Group meetings. Neat, practical footwear is to be worn. Individual choice of black or brown shoes; boots or joggers.

All Members should dress appropriately for the type of activity in which they are participating.

New members are requested to E-mail our Group Leader prior to attending a meeting night.

To join the Ocean Grove Scout Group’s Joey Mob please E-mail our Group Leader Mark Whitehouse: GL@oceangrovescouts.com

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Thinking About Joining the Scouts?

Why not attend a meeting night and join in!

New Members are welcome to attend at our Hall on the relevant Section meeting night with your first 3 night free! Conditions apply.

Further information for new members is available from our Parent Information page.

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